30.08.2024 Bramberg a. W. (A) Headbangers Headquarter

06.09.2024 Klagenfurt (A) VZ

Crushing Klagenfurt

14.09.2024 Graz (A) Club Wakuum

Doomed to Feast Vol.01

12.10.2024 Gleisdorf (A) Kulturkeller

07.12.2024 Graz (A) Club Wakuum

Dunkelhate Fest


18.05.2024 Graz (A) Club Wakuum

with Nervecell (UAE)

26.04.2024 Mürzzuschlag (A) Hot Club

Hot Havoc

20.04.2024 Wolfsberg (A) JUZ

with Schirenc plays Pungent Stench (A)

28.03.2024 Graz (A) Exposiv

Zart & Hart


We dropped our video for "DESTRUCTIVE RAGE" from our current EP "In Fear We Trust" And don't forget to hit our LIKE button , hit SUBSCRIBE and hit the NOTIFICATION BELL 

We are happy to announce that we have signed a label deal to become part of the "Kvlt und Kaos" family!!!! Many thanks to Chris for your openness and transparency!

Our debut album "In Fear We Trust" now also on red VINYL!!! Available in our SHOP (scroll down) and at our concerts! 
Optionally on all common streaming platforms!



Straightforward  Death Metal from Graz, Austria since 2022

Wir, BEHIND THE RAILS, versuchen nicht das Rad neu zu erfinden, sondern nur eines zu bauen, das wirklich gut rollt.
Wer dennoch gerne in Schubladen denkt, wir prügeln unseren geradlinigen Death Metal in die Gehörgänge unserer Zuhörer.  

We, BEHIND THE RAILS, are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we're just trying to build one that rolls really well.
Nevertheless, who likes to think in stereotypes, we nail our straightforward Death Metal into the ear canals of our audience.

Roland Almer


Helmut Hofer 
Rhythm Guitar

Peter Tödling
Lead Guitar

Gernot Fernitz
Bass Guitar

Richard Klösch



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